Madams on the go

Thickmadams is an uplifting organization that focuses on the self-esteem and beauty of full figured women of all races. We are looking to start seminars for the thick and succulent vivacious woman to encourage a love of oneself. The reason Thick Madams was started was solely to create a positive mind for those with thicker waist and even thicker hips.

​​We want to emphasize that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We also believe that every girl is a "Cover Girl" and just because thick women are not featured on the cover of magazines such as vogue, we are making the Thick Madam the cover of OURS. We plan on empowering, you, Thick Madams through seminars about self-esteem and the personal struggles that you might encounter.​

Making, you, Thick Madams feel beautiful by allowing you to participate in fashion​ shows, photo-shoots & other empowering events. We want you to feel good and look good as well by encouraging a healthy you. We have started a fitness and thickness campaign to encourage great eating and physical habits. Thick Madams will offer other various forms to project body image and help build a positive and sexy image for all thick madams alike. Thick Madams will provide women with a voice to help rebuild and sustain a love for themselves that was hidden from within. This is a movement where every BODY is beautiful especially you!!! ​